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We do have a first in best dressed policy at the bakery for most of our products, however we do have a selected range that you can pre-purchase on our website! Please note that due to such high demand, online orders will be made fresh to order, and will require 2 days notice. Please do not place an order

if you require it within 2 days. Remember that our shop is open as per usual, if you did need to purchase a product with any urgency, be sure to visit the team at our fully stocked bakery! 

Out of town: 

Please Note: Racine will ALWAYS announce if, and when we are doing out of town deliveries. Please keep an eye out on our Instagram page for announcements. We ask that you do also wait for the announcement regarding your local towns delivery. Please do not place any orders prior to these announcements or your order will not be confirmed. Orders must be over $50 to receive delivery on these scheduled days. If your order is under $50 you will be required to pick up from Orange.    

Thank you for all your online support!! For any questions, please email 

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